Why choose the McMillan Academy of Law?

Choosing the right Law School can be difficult. At McMillan Academy of Law, we strive to provide an experience beyond learning. We take on a multidimensional approach to equip our students with the skills they need to excel in their legal careers.

A Statement from our Dean

At The McMillan Academy of Law, students will have the opportunity to gain a rich and scholarly education in preparation for the high demand of today’s legal and business professions. McMillan Academy of Law students will enjoy a highly structured and professional environment designed to enhance the intellectual and employment potential of each student. As a new institution, McMillan Academy of Law has a vested interest in the professional achievements of each of its students. Our success is largely based upon your success. As such, I would like to take the opportunity to share with you how a legal education from McMillan Academy of Law will benefit your future professional endeavors.

The Academy seeks to develop graduates who possess a solid grasp of the fundamentals of American jurisprudence. Each student is expected to ably analyze questions within a legal framework, and to convey that analysis in a written from that is cogent and thorough.

Moreover, it is my intention for each student graduating from the Academy to not just know “book law,” but to excel in the presentation of an argument, written or oral. The Academy will foster each graduate’s understanding of the principles of advocacy, starting from the elements identified by Aristotle: ethos, pathos, logos.

We intend to offer a wide-range of clinical programs and broad-based curriculum that will provide students with the opportunity to become highly educated and prepared for a career from almost every area of practice. The courses offered allow enhanced training opportunities and an experienced background for careers in both the legal and business profession.

I look forward to your decision to start your career with the McMillan Academy of Law.

Scott A. McMillan, Dean


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