About McMillan Academy of Law

Our vision of the educational program offered at McMillan Academy of Law is to inspire and develop our students to be skilled and competent members of the legal and business professions by advocating and upholding the integrity of the legal profession.

Our mission is to prepare students to develop their ability to analyze and examine all facets of problems and creatively resolve them. The McMillan Academy of Law will provide an extensive comprehensive legal education formulated through learning, knowledge, and commitment to be utilized in real-world circumstances and in their professional careers.

Our objective is to provide both academic and practical legal abilities towards an unswerving commitment to historic American legal traditional values in pursuing justice and community services in a structured educational environment. The McMillan Academy of Law will ensure that enrolled students will be better prepared for employment via their success on several factors to include their own efforts. The immediate objectives of the school
are to prepare and qualify our students for entry into the legal profession and to better qualify them for other professions where legal knowledge is a requirement.


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