Information for Students - Mission Statement


The goal of the educational program offered at McMillan Academy of Law is to prepare our students to be skilled and competent members of the legal and business professions. Students develop their ability to analyze and examine all the facets of a problem and creatively resolve it. The Academy has an unswerving commitment to historic American values and a tradition of pursing justice and community service in a structured educational environment.

Mission, Purpose, and Objectives

The mission of all degree programs offered at McMillan Academy of Law is to provide students with an excellent and practical legal and business education in preparation for the California Bar Examination and for professional careers. The primary purpose is to provide qualified students with an instruction program which will provide a rich and scholarly academic education. The educational program is designed to facilitate an intellectual and legal understanding to meet the high demands of today's legal and business professions. For law students, a highly structured environment provides the training necessary to prepare for the California State Bar Examination. The educational curriculum is in accordance with the required courses of the California State Bar Association and aims to provide students with the same academic experience they would receive at any other law school. The objectives of McMillan Academy of Law are to ensure that enrolled students will be better prepared for employment since their success will depend on several factors, including their own efforts, the immediate objectives of the school are to prepare and qualify our students for entry into the legal profession or to better quality them for other professions where knowledge is a requirement.


The educational program was established to provide an education for students desirous of earning their degree in the evening. Small classes assure students the personal attention from faculty and administration that increases the effectiveness and time they spend in school. McMillan Academy of Law has structured its academic program to have small class sizes to encourage student interaction for learning purposes, including practices for convening study groups. Instructors teach by lecture, lead by example, and encourage student discussion and participation.

McMillan Academy is structured to provide quality education to students at a reasonable cost. Students have complete access to the academic riches of McMillan Academy of Law through involved faculty members who care about students and are passionate about teaching.

McMillan Academy of Law is dedicated to practices designed to foster student interaction for learning purposes. The Academy encourages students to exchange contact information with the intention of fostering teamwork and cooperation. The Academy also supports the use of study groups and has an internet website used to plan and schedule the study groups. Students are also encouraged to meet outside of the Academy at various local libraries to study together.

Applicants who are planning to practice law outside of California are advised to consult with the admitting authority in the other state to determine if their study at McMillan Academy of Law will be accepted as qualifying the student for that state's bar examination. Study at, and a degree from, McMillan Academy of Law may not be accepted as qualifying the student for the bar examination in some states.


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